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November 26 2017




















samtaims ai vonder if inglis spiiking piipöl aar eiböl tu riölais thät ai äm äksöli vraiting in inglish rait nau bat tsast vith veri finnish spelling

sou if juu spiik inglish bat not finnish kän juu pliis reblog änd liiv ö komment on tis post tänk juu veri mats

Sammteims ei wonda iff inglisch schbieking pipel ahr ebel tu rieleis set ei ehm ecktschuli reiting in inglisch reit nauh batt schast wiss währi tschörmen schbelling

So iff ju schbiek inglisch batt nott tschörmen kenn ju plies riplock end lief eh kommänt on dies pust senk ju wäri matsch

tänk juu for joor tsörman kontribjuusson, ai äpprishieit it veri mats. änd it oolsou helps mii tu gräsp tö essens of tsörman äksent

Samtajms aj vonder if ingliš spíking pípl ár ejbl tu rielajz det aj em ekšuely rajting in ingliš rajt náv bat džast vit veri slovak speling. Sou if jú spík ingliš bat not slovak ken jú plís riblog end lív en koment on tiz poust tenk jú veri mač

Самтаймз ай вондр иф иньглиш спикинь пийпль ар эйбль ту риэлайз дзят ай эм экшуалий райтинь ин иньглиш райт нау бат джаст виць вейрий рашин спеллинь. Со иф ю спик иньглиш бат нот рашин кэн ю плиз риблог энд лив э комент ан дзис пост цянк ю вейрий мач

Samtæms æ wonda if ínglis spíking pípl ar eybel tú ríalæs ðet æ em ektsuali ræting in ínglis ræt ná bat dsast við veri æslendik speling

so if jú spík ínglis bat nott æslendik ken jú plís ríblog end líf a komment on ðis post þenk jú veri mats

Samtaims ai uonder if inglisc spiching pipol ar eibol tu rialais det i em acscualli raiting in inglisc rait nau bat dez uid veri italian spelling. sou if iu spic inglisc bat not italian chen iu plis riblog end liv a comment on dis post tenk iu veri macc’. 

sumtaimes ai wundère eef angliche peepole ar ébl tu rayolize zat i am actualie ritin en angliche rite nau bat dees iz veri french spélling. sau if u speec angliche bat nut french plis cun u reeblog end leev a commant en deez post tank u veri muche

somtajms ai wonde if inglisj spieking piepel ar ebel toe riëlais det ai em eksjelie wraiting in inglisj rait nau but djust wif verrie dutsj spelling

so if joe spiek inglisj but not dutsj ken joe plies rieblok ent lief uh komment on dis poost tenk joe verrie mutsj

Samtajms aj łonder if inglisz spikink pipul ar ejbul tu rielajs dat aj em akczueli rajtink in inglisz rajt nał bat dżast łif weri połlisz spelink

Soł if ju spik inglisz bat not połlisz ken ju plis riblok ent lif a koment on dis połst fenk ju weri macz

somtaghms aigh bhondar iobh iunglois spíocang píopal ár éabal ta ríalaghs dat aigh eim aicsiúlaí raghtuing in iunglois raght nadh bot diost bhot bhéirí aighris spoiling

sómh iobh dhiú spíoc iunglois bot nát aighris cean dhiú plíos ríoblág eand líomh a camoint án dus póst taenc dhiú bhéirí moit

sʌmtaɪmz aɪ wʌndɚ ɪf ɪnglɪʃ spikɪŋ pipl ɚ eɪbl̩ tə ɹilaɪs ðæt aɪ æm ækʃəli ɹaɪɾɪŋ ɪn ɪnglɪʃ ɹaɪt naʊ bʌt dʒʌst ɪn ði ɪntɚnæʃʌnl̩ foʊnɛɾɪk ælfəbɛt

soʊ ɪf ju spik ɪnglɪʃ bʌt nɑt aɪ pi eɪ kæn ju pliz ɹiblɑg ænd liv ə kɑmənt ɑn ðɪs post θænk ju vɚɹi mʌtʃ

ソムタイムズ アイ ワォンダー イッフ イングリッシュ スピキング ピーパル アル エーブル ツ リアーライズ ザット アイ エッム アックシャリー ライティング イン イングリッシュ ライット ナオ バット ジャスット ウイッス ベッリ ジャパニーズ スペリング。

ソ イッフ ユー スピック イングリッシュ バット ノット ジャパニーズ プリーズ リブロッグ アンッド リーヴ ア コメンット オン ディッス ポスット サンク ユー ベリー マッチュ。 

samtaims ai uandăr if ingliș spiking pipăl ar eibăl tu riălaiz zet ai em ecșuali riating in ingliș rait nau băt giast uiz a veri rumeiniăn speling. său if iu spic ingliș băt not rumeiniăn chen iu pliz riblog end liv a coment on zis post senk iu veri maci. 

Sometimes I wonder why non English speakers are like this

because it’s a funny harmless joke at the expense of the world’s current lingua franca, whose native speakers often make fun of the ‘weird’ accents and pronounciation of people who very likely speak at least one more language then they do.


Bitch👏how👏do👏you👏call👏these👏people👏"“non-english speakers”“👏👏👏👏👏
Literally the only language used in this post is English

November 25 2017







name 1 bad thing mario has done. you cant.

In the original story, it’s said that a kind of Koopa Troopa used Bowser’s magic to turn innocent villagers into brick blocks-

So, does that make Mario a mass murderer for destroying the brick blocks and other inanimate objects he finds on his journey for powerups?

I’m just going to leave this information here.

actually it doesn’t!!! 

the bricks that the toads were turned into are NOT the normal bricks. they’re the question blocks! that’s why you get the power ups. they’re actually rewarding you for freeing them, you’re not hurting them!

You just tore down Matpat’s entire edgy Game Theory™ on this

^ Noice


hi, would you like to switch bodies with me?


i’m too old for memes, too young to die.

November 03 2017

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the coolest

instagram // facebook

October 31 2017


I’m alone tonight. Just like every night.

October 26 2017


It’s never just dysphoria on its own. I just have to compare myself to others, especially this one person. It makes me feel like a loser but I keep doing it. What do I even want, though?



trans ppl reblog this and write in the tags the name(s) you considered before choosing your current name

October 23 2017

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Don’t think any of my followers are German nor do I think my followers actually exist, but spreading for visibility anyways

This is actually a fairly common practice for fascists. Never tear down their propaganda with your bare hands, always use a pocket knife or something

Yeah this has been happening in America too, if you can then I recommend bringing your own anti-nazi stickers to put over the nazi ones

This is very valuable info!



• You don’t have to be feminine to be a woman.

• You don’t have to be masculine to be a man.

• You don’t have to be androgynous to be non binary.

• That’s all.




has there been any new su news

No the soviet union is still gone

October 22 2017

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October 21 2017


This just in!



Cis women and trans women are the same gender.

To anyone confused: this is bc “cis” and “trans” are adjectives! A blonde woman and a red headed woman are also the same gender! A mean woman and a nice woman are the same gender!

Thank you for joining this quick grammar lesson

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October 20 2017



Hey so something very subtle but meaningful cis people can do when describing their pronouns is saying she/her or he/him pronouns instead of saying “female” or “male” pronouns

October 18 2017


Popular design guides are responsible for plague of grey type #1yrago


A series of recent, influential design books and articles have convinced the web’s designers to go for grey-on-white type, despite the fact that many people can’t read low-contrast type (and it’s even worse on mobile devices, which are often read in very bright sun, on screens that have been dimmed to save battery)

Ironically, these design guides – The Typography Handbook, this article by Adam Schwartz, and others – warn that designers should beware of reducing the contrast, but designers, seated before giant, well-calibrated monitors in well-lit offices, took their advice as permission to dial contrast down to illegibility for people with poor low-contrast vision.

I’m one of those people, for the record. I use a browser extension to let me turn grey type black (alas, the plugin defaults to white on black type, which I also can’t read very well, and requires a lot of clicking to get to black-on-white), without which many sites would be literally unreadable for me.

Kevin Marks, who ran down the trend’s origins, makes an excellent case for why grey type is bad news, and offers an alternative idea:

When you build a site and ignore what happens afterwards — when the values entered in code are translated into brightness and contrast depending on the settings of a physical screen — you’re avoiding the experience that you create. And when you design in perfect settings, with big, contrast-rich monitors, you blind yourself to users. To arbitrarily throw away contrast based on a fashion that “looks good on my perfect screen in my perfectly lit office” is abdicating designers’ responsibilities to the very people for whom they are designing.

My plea to designers and software engineers: Ignore the fads and go back to the typographic principles of print — keep your type black, and vary weight and font instead of grayness. You’ll be making things better for people who read on smaller, dimmer screens, even if their eyes aren’t aging like mine. It may not be trendy, but it’s time to consider who is being left out by the web’s aesthetic.





hey writers if you want to make a metaphor for racism, please maybe remember that racism is literally based on nothing. Africans weren’t enslaved en masse because the Robo-Musa threatened to destroy the world, they were enslaved because it was economically rewarding and politically convenient. If at any point your allegory for racism includes “so <oppressed group> did this major catastrophe and” then you have not only missed the point but you are literally reinforcing the ideas that racism have let racism self-perpetuate (that e.g. black people are naturally dangerous and violent and must be contained or begrudgingly accepted by the Nice White People)

Just a personal note on this, ‘cause I’ve had some folks ask me how orogenes in the Broken Earth trilogy can be an allegory for oppressed groups, given that orogenes actually are dangerous.

I was completely aware of the Unfortunate Implications of orogenes as black people/Jewish people/closeted queer people/neuroatypical people and having Special Powers. That was the point, actually. At the time I was early in THE FIFTH SEASON, I was watching Ferguson unfold, and listening to Darren Wilson’s bullshit about how Mike Brown seemed superhuman (or subhuman) to him.  And the whole time I kept thinking, “So-the-fuck-what if he was a demon? He was still an unarmed 18 year old whom you shot 10 times while he was running away.” From that to stories of doctors assuming black people aren’t capable of feeling pain to the same degree as white people – I was just done with it.  Fucking done.

Because it should not matter if we are big, or dark-skinned, or wearing “villain clothing” like hoodies, or whatever. All that shit’s just an excuse anyway; racist white people are scared of us when we’re small and light-skinned and wearing business suits.  The problem isn’t us. The problem is chickenshit white people and the imaginary monsters they carry around inside them.

And over the course of the Broken Earth trilogy I poked at this notion. The society of the Stillness could at any point choose to accommodate orogenes in a way that is safe for all… but it chooses not to. Orogene parents have no trouble raising orogene kids. Orogenes in communities police each other the same way non-orogenes do – because at the end of the day, they’re all people. Even if some of those people are extraordinary, they can live together if there is respect.

Black people are extraordinary in so many ways. Not superhuman, obvs – but we aren’t white, which is what this society insists upon calling “normal.” We will never be white, and that’s fine. We will never be “ordinary” in the eyes of racists – and we shouldn’t have to pretend otherwise. We shouldn’t have to stoop if we’re naturally tall, or speak softly if we’re naturally deep-voiced, just so that small-minded people will be less afraid in our presence.  Our children shouldn’t have to think and act as if they’re older than they are, just because white people misjudge their ages. The problem isn’t us. And a good, diverse society, one that actually accommodates and respects all of its members, should be able to handle both the ordinary and extraordinary with no trouble.

So: I agree with the OP; don’t reinforce racist notions in your worldbuilding. Or if you do, make sure you interrogate the fuck out of them, and make it clear that the problem is still racists, not race.

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Reblog to be blessed by her little kitty thumbs

October 16 2017

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If you can’t reblog this, unfollow me now.

Fight me assholes. Never reblogged so fast.

Every single one of my followers better reblog this or we’re gonna have a fuckin problem and you better unfollow me right now

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