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June 25 2017



if u use autism as an insult or a derogatory term ur automatically a horrible person just saying


Wonder Woman Actor Says Chief Is Actually a Demi-God




Wonder Woman isn’t the only deity anymore.  Eugene Brave Rock, who plays Chief in DC’s blockbuster film Wonder Woman, looks to have confirmed one of the movie’s big secrets: Chief is a demi-god.

Indian Country Today previously reported a little-known detail about Wonder Woman’s first encounter with Chief, one of the men recruited by Steve Trevor to help Wonder Woman on her mission.  The two of them first addressed each other in the Blackfoot language, a native language of the Americas spoken by about 8,000 people in northern Montana and southern Alberta, Canada.  It was the only language that wasn’t subtitled in the film, which makes this next part kind of amazing.  During their chat, Chief introduced himself as Napi, a Blackfoot demi-god.

Napi, known as Old Man, is the culture hero of the Blackfoot tribe.  He was the first man made by the Creator, and he helped shape the world and its people, along with his wife, Kipitaki.  As Moviepilot pointed out, Napi’s origin story is unique in the creation mythos.  Rather than being benevolent or kind, Napi is a troublesome trickster, showing how the natural world cannot be controlled.

This could’ve easily been an inside joke for the audience, but Brave Rock told io9 on Twitter that Chief is, in fact, Napi.  And even though director Patty Jenkins gave Brave Rock a lot of creative freedom with the character, Chief’s introduction wasn’t improvised.  Brave Rock said his reveal as Napi was a bonafide part of the script.  It makes sense when you consider that Chief is the first person Diana shakes hands with, even though she’s presented with the opportunity several times beforehand with other people.

This doesn’t necessarily mean Napi will be a larger part of the DCEU in the future (although that would be pretty awesome), but it’s exciting to see another side of Chief and his place in Wonder Woman’s world.



Awesome seeing some proper Native culture representation.


This means he is one character from the films supporting cast (Besides the immortal Amazons of course) who could be brought back for the sequel set in the present day, since a god isn’t going to have to worry about getting older


Gorillas make up ‘little food songs’ while they eat: Listen to them here



And it’s not like they “sing the same song over and over,” commented Luef. “It seems like they are composing their little food songs.”

According to Ali Vella-Irving of the Toronto Zoo, “Each gorilla has its own voice: you can really tell who’s singing. And if it’s their favorite food, they sing louder.”


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b just wear the seatbelt


I gotta naysay here. Seatbelts do a LOT of harm. Not everyone can wear one  and not everyone wants to risk it. Just among my own friends and people I know in general; 4 females had a breast cut completely or partially off due to a seat belt. 6 people had their throats cut, to an obviously non-lethal degree. 2 had their stomach’s cut open to a horrifying degree that I won’t elaborate on.

Not even counting the uncomfortably awkward belt locations for particularly large, small, fat, skinny people. Females with large breasts get the joy of holding the belt in place or adjusting it every couple seconds.

They’re awkward, uncomfortable, painful, and can often cause the injuries in an accident. Sometimes it’s just better to forgo the belt.

Those injuries caused by seat belts more than very likely would have been deadly had they not been wearing them. To have enough force to cut skin or cut off a breast in an accident is far more than enough to cause someone to go flying through the windshield of a car, to slam them into the steering column, or through a window resulting in deadly injuries or causing an even bigger accident for other drivers now that your body is in the road along with your crashed car. Are you really going to risk being a smear of ground meat on the pavement because your seat belt was a little uncomfortable or it might cut you? Then I got good news for you, there’s a wide variety of devices made specifically to make seat belts more comfortable and reduce that risk.

These make it so that your seat belt won’t cut your neck, a simple sleeve of padded fabric that velcros around it, meaning you can put it anywhere on the belt. 

This one does something similar, by readjusting the positioning of the seat belt to move it farther away from your neck and hey, helps a bit with having boobs in the way.

They even make ones for children too.

Boobs still in the way? While it’s pretty silly looking, this helps keep the seat belt in place so you don’t have to keep adjusting it.

And if you’re overweight, they make seat belt extenders so you can still be safe. 

But maybe you’re still unsure, then listen to the CDC and all of their sources. 

“More than half of the people killed in car crashes were not restrained at the time of the crash.1 Wearing a seat belt is the most effective way to prevent death and serious injury in a crash.Seat belt use is on the rise. Laws, education, and technology have increased seat belt use from 11% in 19812 to nearly 85% in 20103, saving hundreds of thousands of lives. “

“Most drivers and passengers killed in crashes are unrestrained. 53% of drivers and passengers killed in car crashes in 2009 were not wearing restraints.1Seat belts dramatically reduce risk of death and serious injury. Among drivers and front-seat passengers, seat belts reduce the risk of death by 45%, and cut the risk of serious injury by 50%.4Seat belts prevent drivers and passengers from being ejected during a crash. People not wearing a seat belt are 30 times more likely to be ejected from a vehicle during a crash. More than 3 out of 4 people who are ejected during a fatal crash die from their injuries.5Seat belts save thousands of lives each year, and increasing use would save thousands more. Seat belts saved almost 13,000 lives in 2009. If all drivers and passengers had worn seat belts that year, almost 4,000 more people would be alive today”

Or this one

“ The number of those who escaped injury [by wearing a seat belt] increased by 40% and those with mild and moderate injuries decreased by 35% after seatbelt legislation. There was a significant reduction in soft tissue injuries to the head. Only whiplash injuries to the neck showed a significant increase.”

Or this

“ Fifty-five percent of those killed in passenger vehicle occupant crashes in 2008 were not wearing a seat belt…”

“Wearing a seat belt reduces the risk of fatal injury by almost 50%. For children, the risk of fatal injury is reduced by 71% with the use of child safety seats.“

“Of those thrown completely out of a vehicle in a car crash, 75% died. Only one percent of people totally ejected from their cars had on a seat belt during the crash. Over 30% were not wearing seat belts.“

Conclusion? Wear your fucking seat belt. Tell your kids to wear their fucking seat belt. Tell your friends and family to wear their fucking seat belts. Time and time again it’s been proven that you are significantly more likely to survive a crash if you’re wearing one. Most people think they’re uncomfortable, but when you’re in a crash it can save your life. I’d rather be mildly injured than dead.

Wear your seat belt.



In all the discourse about things boys do (crack open a cold one, come to the yard, are back in town) not once has someone mentioned the good old boys drinking whiskey and rye and singing “this’ll be the day that I die” and I will not stand for this good old boys erasure


what did tumblr do to my beautiful <dl> list??? 😲😅


About these … labels

I believe that I have finally found some nice, fitting labels for myself. It is not particularly easy to figure these things out when you are neurodivergent, and I have spent the last year thinking about things a lot (when am I not?) after my BPD diagnosis and after all that has happened to me. However, let us try these on for size. Here is a list:

romantic orientation

I have previously mostly just called myself a pansexual trans woman, sometimes adding genderqueer and/or polyamorous. I have used the pronoun she but they is also an option. My preferences have been, at least aesthetically and romantically, more gynophilic.

It feels good to let this out. Now, if only I would feel more comfortable being myself in meatspace. Having been out as trans for more than 10 years, I feel like I should be more brave and determined. I cannot really use some of these labels without outing myself as ND, though. Besides, who has the spoons to explain things to people and/or defend the validity of your identities?

How do I say all those things in languages other than English—Finnish for example? 😕

Apropos, if anyone would be interested in having a chat about these identities or anything really, you are of course free to contact me whenever. I would certainly welcome it.










Jos Aku Ankalla ei oo vaatteita se on Naku Ankka

jos aku ankka on saksalainen se on saku ankka

Jos aku ankka tykkäis mustista karkeista se olis Laku Ankka

Jos Aku Ankalla olisi pakettiauto se olis Paku ankka

Jos Aku Ankka hakis jotain se olis Haku Ankka

jos Aku Ankan laittais marinaadiin se olis Maku Ankka

jos googlaat “aku ankka” niin sul on haku ankka.

Jos Aku Ankka harrastais keramiikkaa ni se ois Raku Ankka

ööö jos Aku Ankka pelais Touhouta ni se olis Danmaku Ankka 👾

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Her name was Vanessa Raghubar and she was only 22 years old.


June 15 2017





Just found out that France receives 500 billion dollars a year from this thing called colonial tax. Which states that any country that could have made France a lot of money (usually colonies but Haiti was never enslaved and is required to pay) under France better pay for the difference they would’ve made if they were still under French rule.

Any elected leader who has tried to refute this has been assassinated. Not only that but France continues this to this day. Leaders who don’t try to fight against this are rewarded in luxury, while their people suffer. This is only one of the things that continues to keep African countries in poverty.

Black panther could’ve been a reality, had Europe left us alone but they won’t. They’re really dependent on the natural resources the continent has to offer.

From Bloomberg News, 2014: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-06-13/rural-jails-are-locking-up-more-and-more-americans

A hoard of cash sits in the Bank of France: $20 billion in African money held in trust by the French government and earning just 0.75 percent interest. Now economists and politicians from 14 Central and West African countries say they want their funds returned and an arrangement dating back to the days of France’s colonial empire ended.

France holds the money to guarantee that the CFA franc, the currency used in the 14 nations, stays convertible into euros at a fixed exchange rate of 655.957. The compulsory deposits started more than half a century ago, when the then-colonies had to place all their financial reserves in the French Treasury. The deposit requirement has dropped over the decades: Today the African members entrust 50 percent of their reserves to Paris.

That’s a lot of money. According to the 2012 annual report of the Bank of France, the amount of African cash it safeguards is larger than the individual gross domestic products of all but two of the nations in the CFA region. CFA originally stood for Colonies Francaises d’Afrique, and now means either Coopération Finançière en Afrique Centrale or Communauté Finançière Africaine, depending on the country. Member states in the monetary union include Chad, Senegal, Mali, Cameroon, and Ivory Coast.

Mamadou Koulibaly, former finance minister and speaker of the Parliament of the Ivory Coast and now an economics professor and leader of an opposition party, says the CFA franc’s peg to the euro discourages companies from investing. “The CFA franc does not favor exports and trade,” he says. “It does not favor industrialization. It keeps prices high. It does not make sense in a globalized world.” The return on the $20 billion also angers the ex-minister, who notes that the money would yield more under professional management. And, he says, the funds benefit France, which uses them to reduce its borrowing. (France, with a debt-to-GDP ratio exceeding 90 percent, has pledged to slash its deficit and debt.)

“The operating account was designed and formulated primarily to serve the interests of France. It is important for France and unnecessary for African countries,” says Babissakana, chairman and CEO of Prescriptor, a consulting firm based in Cameroon’s capital of Yaounde. (His single name means “something that cannot be locked” in Yambassa.) To Babissakana, the tiny interest rate paid out is “a state financial crime strictly contrary to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations.” [READ MORE]

France is ~ostensibly~ just holding the money of its former colonies as in its banks for low interest, not spending that money. In this sense, it isn’t really a “tax.” However, considering France’s purpose for holding that money is for easy conversion of CFA Francs into Euros, it doesn’t make the act any less exploitative. African countries should absolutely have the freedom to manage their money on their own terms, and the fact that no one has addressed this draconian vestige of colonialism speaks to the ways Africa has remained enslaved far after physical occupation.

This all said, the presence and extent of the French Colonial Tax is still hotly debated. This Quora thread demonstrates how polarized it is, with some people (mostly French citizens) denying its existence completely, citing poor research and scapegoating. Here is the original publication that is the most widely circulated on the issue, as well as the one most Tax deniers object to. This NGO provides further information confirming the Tax’s continued intrusive presence, though it is all in French.

Certainly, the Tax is shitty, but the notion that it explicitly “states” that former or prospective colonies have to give compensation to the French is misleading. Whether or not the Tax is a way to reap the benefits of a country’s resources in the absence of its physical occupation is up to interpretation. Regardless, I’m glad attention is being brought to this issue 

I wonder if there is any light to the African countries struggling with this now with Macron? Like he has made really strong comments condemning what France did in Algeria - though that was during campaigning so how seriously can you take it as actual opinion? Not sure.

This opinion is interesting, pretty accessible, and does some sort of a re-cap of France’s history with Africa, which is probably not something a lot of people know about. 





the reason why snakes don’t have arms or legs is bc they lost their sonic the hedgehog gene

this sounds like an awful shitpost but its really not the sonic the hedgehog gene is an actual gene and snakes lost this gene hundreds of millions of years ago as they evolved

im serious u can google it its a real thing



I was listening to a radio interview with a CEO of Paulig (Finnish food company that’s most famous for coffee) and they work with the people who invented pulled oats (y’know, it’s like pulled pork but vegan, made of peas and oats and beans). It’s been all the rage in Finland for some time now, and they’re starting to export it to different parts of the world now. 

And I perked my ears when she said that the product is a perfect protein and has nothing that causes allergies. 

But then I looked on their website and it said it might contain traces of gluten because the production facilities aren’t 100% gluten free :/ (also has sesame seeds that can be allergens). So bleh. 

But it might work for anyone but the most sensitive cases of celiac/gluten intolerance? 



Resources on dealing with Grief and Traumatic Events


Tips for Survivors of a Disaster or Other Traumatic Event: Managing Stress

Mental Health Response to Mass Violence and Terrorism: A Field Guide-This is geared toward first responders, but there’s some useful info. 

Coping With Grief After Community Violence

National Suicide Prevention Hotline

Crisis Text Line- A link to the main site, but you can also text START to 741-741

Find Professional Treatment- Psychology Today has a searchable database for mental health care professionals.



it’s not even necessarily about whether or not it really is beneficial for depressed people to exercise, the discussion is not about whether exercise and cleaning and calling your friends helps. it’s about whether that advice helps.

“if you drink more water, it will help with your brain fog” is usually pretty unhelpful. or “get up and exercise, your mood will lift.” it makes me feel like 1) you think i don’t know the first damn thing about the human body, 2) there is no hope for treatment that helps me recover, and 3) i am totally alone in this because people just do not know the difference between a bad mood and a disease, and i should not tell them if i get breast cancer because they will simply hand me some sunscreen.

your starting point needs to be, “ok, all the usual ways don’t work. just feeling thirsty doesn’t work to remind them to drink. the situation by its very nature is one where the conventional advice and the things that work for my brain DO NOT WORK FOR THAT PERSON.” that’s the only way you’ll be able to give relevant advice.

“drinking water can help with brain fog”
“a big bright water bottle might solve some problems related to forgetting to drink. for one thing, the water won’t get gross sitting out and open, because of the water bottle’s lid - you can feel safe drinking from it the next day. plus, it can’t be spilled as easily, so if you’re stuck in bed or on a couch, you can keep it there with you. that way you can keep a larger amount of water nearby than would be practical in a glass, and you don’t have to remember to get up so many times to get water. if you get one that you think is really cool, you might want to drink from it more often, too.”

THAT is what i think “we can’t all be neurotypical, karen” means.

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my name is cow
and wen she sits
benethe the stall
withe tiny kit

I hav no hands
withe which to pat
I use mye tung
I lik the cat

my name is cat
and with tha kit
In front of stall
we lyk to sit

I feel her tongue
I say meow
I have a fren
Her name is cow




as a mentally ill, if you haven’t taken your shower you’re not gonna wanna do anything else. do that first. this sounds like baby advice but fuckin’ do that first

i understand that this is suspicious advice coming from norman bates but do it

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Schrödinger’s boys


What about cracking open a cold milkshake

As we all know, the milkshake brings the boys to the yard. The presence of the boys is a prerequisite for the cracking open of a cold one, but cold ones do not have any inherent boy-attracting abilities. Milkshakes, however, do. All else being equal, the boys would proceed to the milkshake yard. While it is possible to announce the presence of cold ones in the hope of attracting some boys, the pull of the milkshake is much more powerful by comparison.

none of this matters if they’re not back in town though



Sonic the Hedgehog is basically some sort of freaky cryptid, isn’t he?

No, I don’t mean because he’s an electric blue hedgehog, though there is that.

I mean… like, back in the day when 2D platformers were all the rage, everybody wanted to be the next Mario. There were about a billion different attempts to manufacture a mascot-driven platformer franchise by corporate decree; some flew high and crashed hard (e.g., Earthworm Jim); some were bad jokes right from the get-go (e.g., Bubsy); and some have just bumbled along doing their thing, no gushing headlines but no hysterical laughter (e.g., Rayman) - and then there’s Sonic.

Sonic is the one mascot-by-committee who’s managed to make good. He has a goofy design, a self-consciously “edgy” personality, and basically nothing to distinguish him from any of dozens of failed efforts, yet everybody loves him. And on top of all that:

a. Most of his output has ranged from mediocre to terrible for longer than the bulk of his current fanbase has been alive - there are literally kids who love Sonic in spite of the fact that his last standout game came out before they were born; and

b.  He’s a console mascot for a defunct console.

… and yet he’s coasted on pure name recognition for decades, and is routinely mentioned in the same breath as mascots like, well, Mario.

Like, I’m not saying it was aliens, but…

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